100 words about the fear of butterflies
This week’s FFfAW photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.

Those differences between Nina and me – you know, the ones we’d agreed to overcome – flared up again on the walk home after Sunday lunch.

I spotted the monster long before she did. You know how I almost know they’re there before I see them? So I tried to make her look anywhere but at it. Didn’t work, obviously. She saw it and went: Wait, I need to take a picture. Isn’t it pretty? I stayed on the path; she told me to come closer. That’s when it burst out of me.

‘Vile fluttery things. They’re nothing but overrated, colourful moths.’


11 thoughts on “Lepidopterophobia

  1. Ha! “Vile fluttery things!” Reading that, I immediately got this image of a bitter old man sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch and shaking his fist at a butterfly that just landed on one of his flower pots. Awesome story!

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  2. One of my closest friends has lepidopterophobia so I understand this story completely! I’m always the one trying to get closer to take a photograph while she tries to get as far away from it as she can! Brilliant story, Sonya! I love the last line. 🙂


  3. I learned something new as well…haven’t heard about Lepidopterophobia. I enjoyed your story. I don’t care for the moth type, but the colorful butterflies are beautiful and they do make a good photos.


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