100 words about unwanted guests
(c) 2015, Sonya

I hear them before I see them. Loud and scary, out of necessity. Now, they’re Edgers, they have to be rough around the edges. Tough life, theirs – not one I’d want. I like the cushy comforts and the safety of the Inlands; we’d have neither if it wasn’t for them, keeping the enemy out.

SoI feel bad about not wanting Edgers in my eatery. But they’ve terrible table manners. A big bunch of them will drive potential patrons away. They like to fight among themselves, and they’re not afraid of throwing cutlery.

I prefer to admire their roughness from afar.

10 thoughts on “Edgers

  1. I chose “Like” because you cover the good and bad sides of these folk. As a total outsider, I find this group, well, intriguing. But I do get to think without the exigency of dealing directly. Thank you for illumination!

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  2. Well, we’ve all met people like that – once you wouldn’t want to share a table with. I like the name Edgers – very evocative. They’re outsiders in everyway

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