Tim Loves Halloween

100 words about Halloween; 100 words about being lonelyTim loves Halloween. Not only does he guide minimum one tour per night, which means lots of money. His pulling success rate goes through the roof, too. On a misty night like tonight, he won’t go home alone.

Tim hates going home alone. None of the girls who drink spiced cider on his tab and listen to his stories he can’t tell in front of family audiences ever return for another tour.

It’s not the spirits wandering the killing fields in search of their souls that scare him. But spooky season is over soon and he fears the lonely nights.


Thank you, Megan, for the prompts spooky, souls and spirits this week.

8 thoughts on “Tim Loves Halloween

  1. This is a terrific narrative because it lays open so effectively the situation and mindset of the character Tim. I have a child’s love of Hallowe’en, so I would not have seen this coming. But I’m engaged all the more for this too grown-up way of dealing with the season. A piece of successful contemporary fiction (if it is fiction–a good, and more so sad, telling if it’s true). Thank you!

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