Into Ribbons

100 words about the blues; 100 words about escaping from a gilded cage
image from Pixabay 

She woke up wishing the day over. The early morning sunshine lit up the red gown like a warning beacon and oh, how she wanted to heed it. She brushed her fingertips over the shimmering fabric. Beautiful frock, but bright coral red didn’t suit her.

Colour didn’t suit her. She wanted to wear a simple black number, but Mother wouldn’t have it.

‘You will be presented to society in a style that befits your father’s status.’

She lived her life trapped in a Jane Austen novel and she wanted out. Words wouldn’t sway Mother. Cutting the dress into ribbons might.


That’s an excellent photo prompt for FFfAW this week – I’m looking forward to reading the stories it sparks.

15 thoughts on “Into Ribbons

  1. A nice sharp pair of dress making shears is what she needs. And to spend time cutting it into proper ribbons – that’ll get the message across.
    Great story, Sonya. funny how some people would love to live in a Jane Austen novel – I’d prefer a Neil Gaiman one, I think 🙂


  2. I’m not going to side with anyone (I think her mother’s reasons are wrong), but it’s just a dress, for heaven’s sake, there are much worse things that can happen to you than wearing a red dress. 🙂 I enjoyed the story though—although it made me imagine a stubborn fourteen-year-old throwing one of her tantrums.


  3. Nice story. Loved “She lived her life trapped in a Jane Austen novel” Lovely choice of words!


  4. You created a fascinating tale Sonya……there are some people who would think being trapped in a Jane austen novel would be the ultimate place to be however I am not one of them as having taught her for many years under sufferance my opinion hasn’t really changed and if it was me I’d be wanting out….


  5. Ooooh I love the last line!! Something tells me Mommy Dearest won’t be happy with the ribbons…I really enjoyed reading this, love your style!


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