Dressed to Kill

100 words about being dressed to kill vampires, werewolves and zombiesJaney sticks her head out to check for the prevalent conditions. She can’t afford to be caught in the wrong outfit. It’s getting harder by the day to predict which group she might encounter. Nights getting longer doesn’t help – blasted autumn equinox. The other day, she found herself out until sunset without adequate protection; it nearly cost her dearly.

The fog doesn’t help, either. Muffles sounds of shuffling feet. On the other hand, it’ll mask her scent.

In the end, Janey goes for full armour and weaponry. Will slow her down, but no matter what’s about today, she’ll kill it.


Samantha’s invited me to join her cliché challenge. Dressed to kill jumped at me, but I may use one or two other clichés on the list.

Go on, have a look at those clichés  and join in!

4 thoughts on “Dressed to Kill

  1. Oh, nice use of the prompt I wonder what she’s killing? Are we back to your escaped zoo animals?
    Mine’s a work in progress at the moment – got some nice phrases but no plot!

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    1. Didn’t think it was the zoo, but who knows, maybe. No, I got stuck in a Buffy type of world after reading Samantha’s post about vampire clichés, so it’s more a Halloween party that turned into reality… Looking forward to yours 🙂

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      1. It was a good post, wasn’t it? I liked the fact she worked out the death toll in Interview with the Vampire – made me laugh. I’ll see if I can knock this little story together before Halloween …


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