Just for Halloween, Right?

100 words about slutty uniforms for female staff‘Let’s have a look then, cupcake.’

As her manager, should Terry be flirting with her? Sheena frowns at herself in what Terry calls the uniform. More like a slutty costume. Well, it is Halloween.

‘Don’t it fit? I’ve a good eye for size, usually. I’ll get a smaller one.’

Smaller? She doesn’t dare move for fear of exposing her backside, the skirt’s that short.

‘Will the cost… I mean, uniform change after Halloween?’

Something a bit less revealing for Christmas, maybe.

‘Change? Course not. Only in summer, we don’t want you lot getting heatstroke.’

Great. She won’t last the day.

8 thoughts on “Just for Halloween, Right?

  1. The revealing of internal thought is clever and entertaining, unlike her situation. As a reader, i do want better days for her, but I can’t help but enjoy her witty take on the world. Thank you!


  2. Where’s she working – Hooters? Fancy calling her cupcake in this day and age – but it does still happen, sadly.
    Great story, Sonya. I hope she moves on to bigger and better things.
    BTW, did you read that Hodder are only three quarters of the way through submissions? We’ve got a bit of a wait yet. Not that I’m obsessively checking or anything ….


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