The Spud Situation

100 words about Murphy's law in the kitchen
They’re not just spuds, (c) M&S 

‘Love, you’ve outdone yourself. Perfect roasted spuds, these.’

Kerry raises the corners of her mouth to smile, but she fears it might look like a grimace. If she’s learnt one lesson today, it’s that she’ll never make roast potatoes again when entertaining Mike’s colleagues. She rubs the plaster on the thumb she nearly chopped off before she burnt the first batch.

‘I agree,’ says Miranda, the boss’s wife. ‘Those aren’t just roast potatoes.’

Kerry freezes. Miranda can’t know she rushed to M&S to fix the spud situation?

‘Those are divine roast potatoes. You’ll have to give me the recipe.’

3 thoughts on “The Spud Situation

  1. If I “outsourced” it, I’ll either confess or answer, “oh, it’s a secret family recipe I couldn’t possibly share, mum wouldn’t like that. But it’s basically, a little of this, a little of that, until it tastes right.”

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