Houseboat (this is not a Villanelle)

(it’s meter practice; I went to a poetry workshop at the Dylan Thomas Centre this morning and I’ve got rhymes on my mind; I know I said I shouldn’t rhyme…)

100 words about a haunted houseboatApologies, my home is rocking at all times

Be careful not to trip over those lines.

They move on their own without any warning

And you don’t want to lose your footing.

Once in the water your fate’s out of my hand;

I’ve tried it before, they’ll ignore my demand.

Water’s their domain. It’d be insane

To stand in between them and what they want.

It’s them who rock, it’s them who trip,

It’s them who may well sink this ship.

My home is my castle but I’m not in charge

The ghosts of the drowned keep haunting this barge.

9 thoughts on “Houseboat (this is not a Villanelle)

    1. Rhyming comments how sublime!
      with two cents I’ve got to chime,
      and leave a smile and a note,
      praising the poem that you wrote.

      For the poetess, a smile 🙂
      For the commenter, a smile. 🙂
      for you both gave me a smile. 🙂

      Now I’m going to have use this snatch of rhyme somewhere, It’s just too good not to. Thank you both for the inspiration!

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