Don’t Talk to Strangers

(c) Sonya

‘You know the legend behind this statue?’

Too tired to muster the strength for words, she nods.

‘It’s not true. There never was a girl who recovered as if by miracle, nor a grateful father who wanted to bless the hospital’s patients by donating a guardian angel statue.’

She wonders who he is – new doctor? – and why he’s telling her this. Hope’s all she has left.

‘Doctors lie to patients all the time. How do you know it’s not another form of placebo?’

She speaks with a wisp of a voice.

‘Do they? I wouldn’t know.’

He raises his scythe.


This week’s FFfAW photo prompt is one of mine – I’m looking forward to many Weeping Angels stories (I nearly went down that route myself, but then this one muscled the other idea out of the way).