Don’t Talk to Strangers

(c) Sonya

‘You know the legend behind this statue?’

Too tired to muster the strength for words, she nods.

‘It’s not true. There never was a girl who recovered as if by miracle, nor a grateful father who wanted to bless the hospital’s patients by donating a guardian angel statue.’

She wonders who he is – new doctor? – and why he’s telling her this. Hope’s all she has left.

‘Doctors lie to patients all the time. How do you know it’s not another form of placebo?’

She speaks with a wisp of a voice.

‘Do they? I wouldn’t know.’

He raises his scythe.


This week’s FFfAW photo prompt is one of mine – I’m looking forward to many Weeping Angels stories (I nearly went down that route myself, but then this one muscled the other idea out of the way).

30 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to Strangers

  1. “to tired” typo “too tired.”

    I absolutely love this picture. Clouds and azure background are just the perfect color!

    Story is beautiful!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Thanks for catching that, Anand! Doesn’t matter how much I proofread, some things just slip through… Glad you like both the story and the picture 🙂

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  2. Love it. You know me – always drawn to your darker stories. And absolutely didn’t see it coming. Could already be a candidate for story of the month …
    Can I ask if you’ve heard from Hodder yet? Another writer friend heard last week and I know her sub was logged after mine – starting to get paranoid I’ve been lost in the melee…

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    1. Thanks, Lynn! I do quite like this one myself…

      Nothing from Hodder yet. Maybe it’s a good sign (ha ha, there I go with the wishful thinking again)?

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      1. I know, it’s a dangerous route to travel – I was trying to be resigned about it all (a chalk it up to experience attitude) then I heard about this other writer and that’s ignited a glimmer of hope – dammit. Doesn’t look like I’ll get a reply today either. Ho-hum

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          1. I’m really sorry to hear about the Hodder reply – I was hoping really hard for you, knowing how strong your writing is.
            Well, if your’s is a ‘no’ I shall expect my ‘no’ tommorow :). At least the process made me put everything in order – I now have a proper submission package to send out to agents.
            And I just saw you followed me on Twitter! Thank you, I’ll follow you back in a bit. Not really got the hang of it all yet and still not sure it’s for me. Had a few referrals to the blog from it though, so shouldn’t complain. All the best and hope NaNo’s going better for you now you’re feeling better 🙂


          1. It is! I haven’t used many of my own photos, generally I use others photos or sometimes what I find on (free to use photos), for something different.


  3. Yes I think in this case it is not a good idea to talk to strangers. They might turn out to be the Grim Reaper. Poor lady. I think this angel statue really evoked many stories about death. It does look like a cemetery angel to me. Good dialogue for The (mean) Grim Reaper.

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  4. Wow! This is so good, and it works perfectly with your photo. The last two lines are especially chilling. That’s one cynical doctor! He reminds me of the doctor from AHS Asylum… I forget the actor’s name.

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  5. Wonderful story. The doctor needs to polish up on his skill…he could use a bigger heart when dealing with his patients! I don’t think you should take away a person’s hope…sometimes that can be half the battle of getting better.

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    1. I think there are studies that show that patients who believe they will get better have a better chance of actually getting better, so you’re spot on… Thanks, Jessie 🙂


  6. Oh dear, this can’t be good…she should never have talked to the Stranger! Maybe she doesn’t know what a scythe is or what it means and she clings to her hope and gets better!! 🙂


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