Emergency Diversion

100 words about curfew in dystopian LondonThe horns hoot three times. Half an hour until curfew, bus is stuck on Holloway Road.

‘Not even five thirty yet,’ someone complains. Rest of the passengers pretends they didn’t hear, let alone agree. Cameras everywhere and rumour has it they’ve installed microphone for every row. Do or say something wrong, they’ll get you.

The horns hoot five times. Fifteen minutes and the bus is still stuck in traffic. People exchange uneasy looks. Everyone knows what’s coming.

‘Emergency diversion. This bus now terminates at the Arsenal Curfew Shelter.’

Collective sigh of relief – we’re not spending the night at Holloway Prison.


Thank you to Electrobeth for the writing prompt: siren call.

5 thoughts on “Emergency Diversion

  1. Ooh, like that dash of the distopian there. I wonder what it would take for the government to put a curfew in place? They say a society is only three meals away from revolution …

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    1. I heard on the news that a teenage girl who didn’t want to pay the fare punched an old woman in the face on a bus in South London. And off my mind went again to daily riots. I have a few bits and bobs floating around that tie in with this, I’ll have to do something with them. But I have to get Scarlett fixed first…

      Glad you liked it 🙂

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