Rickety Car

100 words about being in an accident
FFfAW week 39 

‘Let’s hit the road, people.’

Kelly doesn’t sound drunk. Moe and Harrison have had a couple of beers, but compared to the others, they are practically sober. Ruth doesn’t drink because it messes with her sense and she needs them.

‘Where are we going?’

‘My place,’ says Kelly. ‘I wanna enjoy my Friday night.’

‘You know, Kells, I can’t believe that rickety car of yours is still going. It’s held together by rust.’

Moe chuckles

‘Insult my car again and you’ll walk, mister.’

Ruth’s the only one who hears the tyre pop. Her warning doesn’t get beyond, ‘Guys, hold on.’

12 thoughts on “Rickety Car

  1. Love the car in the photo – it has about a ton of character.
    Used to go out with a lad who drove a VW van that needed a push start every single time we went out in it. I was living in Derbyshire at the time, which is very hilly, so most of the time he just tried to park on a hill. But at times when he couldn’t … Ah, romance is dead and buried.

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    1. Yep, love the car, too.

      I used to have a car (which was older than me, if I remember correctly…) which needed an oil top-up every other trip or the engine would overheat. I think I’d get arrested if I drove around in it today.
      I don’t think I’ve ever given a VW van a push, that sounds, erm, like an interesting experience…

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      1. They’re damn heavy, I can tell you – especially when you’re seventeen and pushing them on your own while your delightful boyfriend sits in the front jiggling with … whatever.
        Yes, I think they’re tougher on drivers than they used to be. Mind you, so many people used to think driving home from the pub half tanked was socially acceptable. Not so many think that way now. Some things have changed for the better 🙂


  2. Great story. This certainly brings back memories ….always a question as to when the car would break down and where I would be stranded if it did. In the mean time…it just kept chugging away and when it gave out, there was always help from strangers or friends to get it going again.


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