Entrepreneurial Spirit

A shabby-looking old man wearing what looks like an ancient uniform sits on the bench across the road. Old, yes, but nowhere near old enough to have fought in the trenches (unless he’s a real-life Christopher Lambert). In his hands, he holds a styrofoam cup emblazoned with a shaky ‘lest we forget’.

It’s a slow day in the shop; I’ve been watching him all day. He’s making an absolute mint. Not that I blame him: He has identified an opportunity to exploit people’s poor math skills and seized it.

When he gets up to leave, I give him a thumbs-up.

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Spirit

  1. Ha! Great story. Do you mean Christopher Lambert as in Christophe Lambert (now thinking this in a French accent) he of Highlander fame? There can be only one!


      1. Yes, about that age – and he looked great on it (if slightly cross eyed, I always thought.)
        Best line from that film (apart from the ‘only one’ line) is the beautiful Beatie Edney saying with a post-coital sigh, ‘You can do that to me all day my Lord,’ in a ropey Scots accent 🙂 Makes me want to rush out and by the DVD


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