Because What Does She Know

100 words about a guy who thinks he knows better than his girlfriend
photo by matcuz

You said you’d come to the rink with her only after she promised they have hockey skates. They’re manlier.

She’s pulling hard on her laces. Watching makes your feet hurt.

‘Tie them tightly. Look, I can fit a finger in. Better do it again.’

You pretend to, but you don’t want to cut off circulation.

She glides onto the ice and spins. She holds out her hand.

‘Don’t be scared, it’s easy-peasy.’

You step on and go splat.

‘Didn’t retie properly, did you? Because you thought you know better.’

She skates off and leaves you to get up by yourself.


Just about squeezed in with the current Literary Lion prompt: ice.

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