Change of Scenery

100 words about living by the beach
(c) Sonya, 2014

‘Remember how we used to talk about living in a house by the beach?’

‘Do you have to remind me? The ‘things I didn’t do’ list’s much too long already.’

‘Well, take this one off because we’re going to. Until, you know…’

‘Say it. Until I begin the treatment.’

‘I’m not sure you can call it treatment.’

‘It’s all we can afford, and we’ll call it treatment. But we can’t afford a month at the seaside.’

‘We can. Don’t ask how. I want us to have a good time before you…’

‘You have to start saying it sooner or later.’


Nothing I wrote today was quite up to scratch, but this one is the best of the lot I reckon (it started life as a response to the Daily Prompt: a tale of two cities and went strange). I have a terrible cold, not the best condition for writing master pieces…