Good, Better, Best

100 words about hating winter
(c) Sonya, 2015

Only half four and the sun is setting. Give it another hour and it’ll be pitch black.

The sky grows rosy just above the horizon, looking good, the bellies of blue-grey clouds as if they’re on fire. You’re witnessing a temporary work of art evolve and you slow down to watch the reds intensify before the dark extinguishes them. Better take a picture – it’ll make for a great new Facebook header.

Maybe this is the way to approach winter, as your chance to snap stunning sunset pictures. Everybody loves them.

Best hope for a season’s worth of sunny late afternoons.

10 thoughts on “Good, Better, Best

  1. agreed, that is a wonderful description of a sunset and a tribute too. Funny thing is I watched the sunset tonight and it looked like that though there were trees in the way.


  2. Lovely pic, and yes, getting darker and darker, isn’t it? We should have a sunny pm today, it seems. Though it’s damn cold – a shock after so much warm weather!


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