Alien Abduction

100 words about alien abduction
(c) Etol Bagam

They looked friendly enough. So after I got over the shock of running into a bunch of aliens in the wood, I went to say hello.

I couldn’t understand their upbeat, chirpy language. It sounded so welcoming, though. When the purple one made gestures that looked like an invitation to follow them, I did.

Guess who’s feeling like an idiot now?

It’s a trap. I wish I’d taken a picture of the aliens they used to lure me here. I might get enough of a signal to warn other people.

Voices outside that sound human, but not friendly at all.


Still fighting the cold, so my FFfAW entry this week is a bit meh. Click here for more exciting ones.

16 thoughts on “Alien Abduction

  1. This is far from meh, albeit rather bizarre 😀 I’m afraid the cold has been living in your head for a while… I hope you recover soon!
    And oh, if you DO see an alien in the woods, run!

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  2. Well, I like the look of them, so I would’ve fallen for it too. Could be a metaphor for so many things – I’ve met humans you shouldn’t judge by their looks too


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