Perfect Day For It

A grey day has left the little playground deserted.

A film of fog covers the slide, but she’s wearing a thick coat. It’ll get soaked, her bum won’t.

In other words, the perfect day. No mothers to give her alarmed looks, no children to laugh at her.

Before her senses return, she slips though the gate and climbs the ladder. From the ground, it doesn’t look so high; up here, she’s glad it isn’t any higher. She sits. She glides down. She goes back for another round.

The day continues to be grey and dreary, but she doesn’t stop smiling.

5 thoughts on “Perfect Day For It

  1. The feeling of being able to satisfy a yearning, to have something that seems out of reach on a regular day, to enjoy what other people may feel ordinary… What a way to describe it, Sonya 🙂

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  2. I don’t know if you had meant it that way – but I take it that the girl was an introvert and preferred having fun on her own rather than with others.


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