But They Look So Pretty

100 words about terra-forming
picture from Pixabay 

‘Oh, look at them – sparkly purple mega mushrooms. What are they?’

They stand twenty stories tall. When we flew in, I thought they were decorated with millions of fairy lights. We’ve walked close enough to see that the light is travelling in subcutaneous, vein-like channels. The biosuit offers insulation from the outside temperature, yet I know it’s hot. Much too hot for humans to survive.

‘We think their attractive appearance is a disguise. They come in, dazzle people and before anyone knows what’s going on, they’ve turned the planet into a hostile environment. Then their deployers invade and settle.’



Thanks for another cracking picture prompt for this week’s FFfAW, PJ!

11 thoughts on “But They Look So Pretty

  1. Scary idea for those purple things. Alien invaders who make our planet to hot, hostile. Looks like we’re doomed bc we love beautiful things.


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