Elvira’s Request

Elisa finds a quiet spot to sit before she looks at the note again. Her head’s still spinning from those memories she didn’t know she had.

‘Your mother, Queen Eleonora, has disappeared. She will, no doubt, punish me for this, but I believe the other families will try to usurp the throne. You must come back and pose as your mother.’

Elisa almost hears the sender’s voice in her head. Elvira, her mother’s lady-in-waiting. Elisa wonders how she remembers people and places she didn’t know existed fifteen minutes ago.

‘How do I return?’

‘I’m glad you asked,’ says the note.

12 thoughts on “Elvira’s Request

  1. Something sounds not quite right but it makes sense for her to rule as her Mom. But I mean how are they going to keep people from knowing she’s not her Mom. Her Mom would have wrinkles and maybe even different features.

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  2. Who doesn’t love talking stationery? I’d truly love a notebook that could also spell check or tell me when I’ve used an idea before. Might get a bit naggy, though.
    This is an interesting premise-some intriguing opportunities may open up for our young heroine. Though if she’s wise to take them – who knows.

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    1. Now you made me want a notebook that’ll let me know when I’ve used an idea before. That would be so handy!
      I think she might be foolish enough to take the opportunity and she might well be walking into a trap… I don’t know yet, I need to think this through before I go on. Another one of those…

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      1. Well, I can see why she’d be tempted. But there are bound to be consequences – ‘with great power…’ and all that.
        And yes, a talking notebook that remembers where you put ‘that’ idea from ages ago that you really want to work on. And can erase rants you might have had about family members when you’ve had a really bad day … Sometimes think I need a ‘note book buddy’ – you know in the same way some blokes are supposed to be ‘porn buddies’. In the event of my death . I haven’t written much that people might be hurt by, but there could be the odd thing …


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