100 words about insomnia
photo by Redd Angelo 

Leap: What you’d do if you had the guts – off the ledge, arms outstretched, looking up so you won’t see you’re about to end in a heap on the asphalt.

Sleep: What you want. Deep, undisturbed, refreshing sleep, not the fitful tossing and turning that ensues if you get anywhere near slumbering at all.

Weep: What you do once your head hits the pillow. Keeping it together during the day is hard work; you don’t know how you manage most of the time. But here, safe underneath the covers, you allow yourself the relief of tears seeping into the linen.

13 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. Oh, how beautifully have you captured the three words that have encapsulated me for the past couple weeks! I love all your pieces but this is my most favourite by far. Thank you for this!


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