Traditional Early Bird Special

100 words about going on after your spouse has died
photo (c) Louise of The Storyteller’s Abode 

I enter the China Boat. The waitress leads me to our table and brings me a pot of jasmine tea. She leaves me to study the menu even though we both know what I will order.

I’m keeping up our tradition: China Boat every Friday after payday. It’s still not easy, what with all the memories tied up with the place: Frank proposed here, I told him I was expecting and he finally confessed he’d seen the doctor about his headaches. He made me promise to keep coming after he’s gone.

It’s not easy, but a promise is a promise.


No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m supposed to be writing 100-word stories rather than poems. This one is for this week’s FFfAW.

15 thoughts on “Traditional Early Bird Special

  1. Wonderful story…she is a very loyal person and follows through with her promise even though it is somewhat painful for her. It is so sad that he is no longer there with her.

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      1. Have I just found your first Mslexia blog post? Hurray and well done to you! It’s great – a little bit of humour and a lot of sound advice. Really great stuff, Sonya 🙂 Dead pleased for you. I’ll go leave a comment 🙂

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        1. You have indeed :). I’ve been meaning to mention it, but I’ve been so busy those last few days it kept slipped my mind. Glad you like it!
          I’m working like a madwoman on the second one because I want it to be up before Chrimbo & Robyn is off from next week…

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          1. Yes, I just sent Robyn my last post before Christmas today – she’s nice, isn’t she? I’ve had nothing but good experiences of Mslexia so far – I hope you do too. Really great – I’m chuffed for you. And will keep reading and trying to pick up some useful tips too 🙂 Only thing I find frustrating is not being able to follow writer’s links from the Mslexia blog – though I’ve had referrals from them. A bit odd that.


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