King of Hearts, Right?

100 words about getting married in Las Vegas
photo by Michal Parzuchowski 

I’m taking a bit of a gamble, but that’s what you go to Vegas for, right?

He surprised me with the trip – I knew we were going away, of course, but I was expecting Eurostaring it to Paris, not a transatlantic flight.

We walked along the Strip last night. I was so overwhelmed by the spectacle that, when he asked me, I said alright.

So all my chips are on him. I’m hoping he’ll turn out to be the king of hearts. He might.

On my way to the Graceland chapel now. Having Elvis perform the ceremony is exciting, right?

11 thoughts on “King of Hearts, Right?

  1. Some lovely gambling metaphors and I like how the story is constructed – you’re good at holding back the surprise, laying the foundations before finishing off with a cracking line. Lovely X

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