A Calorie is a Calorie

100 words about an idiots who know nothing about nutrition
photo by Padurariu Alexandru

Solving the obesity crisis is simple: Make the fatsos eat less. I can do it, so they can, too. Lazy is all they are, sitting on their large backsides all day, stuffing their faces with crisps and bickies. If they had any willpower, they’d have no problem. If they want to keep eating all that junk, they’ll have to exercise. They’d better start training for marathons or something. But instead, they make up all sorts of excuses for their weight gain and blame the food industry for it.

Total BS.

A calorie is a calorie is a calorie, after all.


I made the mistake of reading the comments on an article about obesity today. I’ve rephrased the most commonly made arguments above. If I had had a pound for every time I read “a calorie is a calorie”, I would have made a mint. It’s stupid. It’s not even an argument. All anyone proves by saying it is that they haven’t got a clue about nutrition.

This isn’t really a poem, I know. But it’s almost pumpkin time and if I don’t have a post up before midnight, bad things will happen. So you get the idea, but I’ve not had time to play around with words and make it look like it’s poetry…

6 thoughts on “A Calorie is a Calorie

  1. As you like a bit of dystopia, which do you think will kill us all off first – climate change, antibiotic resistant bacteria or obesity?
    Could be we’ll all be wheezing through super bug pneumonia as the flood waters rise above our knees, unable to pull our 25 stone bulks up to the top of the hill to safety …
    It’s not a straight forward issue – humans crave fat and sugar because we still have primeval instincts that make us want to put on weight to see us through woolly mammoth droughts. Problem is, food in this country is cheap and plentiful.
    What would solve the obesity crisis? Governments stepping in, taking over food distribution and sharing it equally over the entire population of the planet. That would be a great Christmas present 🙂

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    1. I suppose there’s always the chance that super-resistant bacteria or a lethal mutation of the flu virus will get us first. But my money is on global warming and all its consequences. Food shortages first (that’ll take care of obesity…), and then it’ll get too hot for humans to survive. Sometimes I think the preppers are on to something…

      I think getting obesity under control could be fairly easy: sugar tax. Not just on fizzy drinks, on all processed foods. Doubt it’s going to happen, though – our wonderful government doesn’t have to live on Tesco Value ready meals, after all. They hate poor people, anyway…
      That would only be the start, of course. People need to understand the science behind food. Not really going to happen, either, that.

      Either way, we’re all doomed. And on that cheery note…

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      1. I think you’re probably right – climate change is top of my list too. It’ll at least slash our numbers dramatically, even if it doesn’t wipe us out completely. I console myself with the thought that life in some form will probably still exist on earth – even if it’s only microbes and cockroaches. And in an infinite universe, there must be life elsewhere, I’m sure, (probably doing a better job of it) which takes the pressure off us over-developed apes a little. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna tuck into this box of marzipan and chocolate shortbread … 🙂


  2. And sometimes a cigar is only a cigar. Which makes little helpful sense as well. Okay, it’s helpful–certainly more so than c. is just a c. dealt with by you. You make good sense in revealing the lack of reason in what you cite. And I’m happy you’re not a pumpkin.


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