Silly Poem About a Bike

100 words about a stolen bicycle
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Beloved bicycle, where art thou?

Why didst thou leave out of the blue?

Hasten, my precious, return to me,

For without thou I cannot be.


Lily puts pictures of her bike on all the lampposts.

She wrote a silly poem to appeal to the thief’s heart

Because she checked how much a new bike costs

And determined she couldn’t afford one, for a start.

She wants hers back, she loves it a lot.

It was a present from a guy she never forgot.

Main reason she remembers him though’s the bike,

So she needs it for memory and mobility alike.


I didn’t mean to mash Writing 101: Poetry and FFfAW, but the prompts demanded to be used together. Who am I to put up a fight?

Oh, and if you are interested in what I have to say about writing my 100-word stories, my first mslexia guest post is up today.

36 thoughts on “Silly Poem About a Bike

  1. If there’s one person to marry the multiple prompts creatively, that’s you, Sonya.
    I like how the last line highlights that she used it not just for the sake of memory – I’m all for anything practical! 😀 I enjoyed this!

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    1. Oh, it’s fiction. Well, sort of based on a true story, but I had two bikes and the thief took the one I didn’t like so much… Thanks, PJ 🙂


  2. Nice job putting the two prompts together. I loved the girl’s poem it is cute. And I feel bad for her since she loves this bike and cant afford another.
    Great writing.

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  3. I know I’ve been absent from challenges for a while, but I’ve never come across your poetry before. You’ve managed to make this work really well for two prompts, at the same time as making it a fun read – with a storyline to boot. The girl’s poem is fun, in the olde English style, but her message is clear: she wants her bike back! Her reasons for that in the second part make a lot of sense, as well as continuing in the humorous tone. Poor girl – but I have to wonder whether she’d bothered to chain it up! 🙂

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