Dont’ Trust the Fruit Bats

100 words about bats and vampires
photo by Saken53 

Simon says they are just fruit bats. I still don’t trust them. Yeah, I do find the little ones kinda cute, despite the yucky eating noises they make.

But pay attention to that big black fella. Doesn’t he just look like he’s trying to put a spell on you through the sheer power of his undead mind? Scary or what!

Simon says I’ve read too many derivative vampire novels. That may be the case, but I’ve made sure I’m armed: garlic, stake, silver cross. Holy water’s on the list.

Simon says I have nothing to worry about since I’m batty.


Written for Flash Frenzy round 88, where you’ll find the photo prompt – you have to look at it for the above mentioned big fella in the background, he is scary

Who’s glad there’s no poem today? I’m too busy writing my second mslexia guest post today, no time for poetry.

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