Fooled Again

100 words about a social chameleon
photo by Gareth Newstead 

Chameleon-like, you blend into the party, flit from conversation to conversation.

Always asking question, probing, listening.

Many people talk to you, none remember you a minute later.

Only I watch.

Until it’s my turn to feel the force of your attention and I forget what I’ve witnessed.

Forget the reason I’m here in the first place.

Lie to me, make be believe my anecdotes are funny.

Ask me anything, then hang on my every word.

Give me your full attention. Yes, I’ll wait for you to return.

Eventually, after you’ve gone with what you wanted, I emerge from your spell.

8 thoughts on “Fooled Again

  1. Love this. Some people have the uncanny ability to charm your socks off in their presence, then turn around and leave, while we’re still trying to figure out what just happened 😀

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  2. Oh how I envy those social butterflies, sometimes – they make it look so dang easy!

    I love the concept of your blog. How often in life do we say too much without actually saying anything? A few carefully chosen words strung together with purpose is a beautiful thing.

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