Subdued Return Journey

100 words about Arsenal losing
photo by nafets 


Big, massive, incredible disappointment.

Some of the group simply don’t want to talk about it, they’re sitting away from the rest and try to drink their memory clean. The rest analyses what we’ve seen. And naturally, the doubts come creeping back in. What we’ve seen these last few weeks before tonight, was that the real deal? Or is that the nightmare performance we’ve witnessed? Yes, of course, say the pessimists. No, it was just a fluke, say the optimists.

You never know, do you?

They could have gone to the top. Instead, they got a spanking left us disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Subdued Return Journey

  1. Yet another thought-provoking piece of yours, Sonya. I could have been anything, but your tag makes me Google it, and found that Arsenal lost 4-0.
    What a great write!!

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