Fear’d Come in Useful

100 words about being a fearless vigilante
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Another night, another A&E waiting room – better than coming in with injuries so severe she has to be seen right away. Gives her time to think, though. Too much time to consider how she can’t stop herself from getting into situations that’ll lead her here. Tonight, she protected an old man from a pickpocket (not much of an opponent), then a young girl from unwanted attention. Those scumbags gave almost as good as they got.

She hopes they’ll give her the good stuff; pills that’ll stop her wondering what her life might be like if she hadn’t lost all fear.

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9 thoughts on “Fear’d Come in Useful

  1. I kind of envy the loss of fear, sometimes, to not be scared would be amazing. But fear is there for a reason – it helps protect us, doesn;t it?
    A great story Sonya on a fascinating theme.

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    1. Yes, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be less fearful. Then again, would I still be here to wonder?

      Thank you, Lynn – I’m glad I met your through this online malarkey 🙂


      1. Fear along with pain are uncomfortable, necessary sensations – though we all try to avoid them as much as possible these days.
        Glad to have met you too, Sonya. I love reading your stories and look forward to the next 366! x


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