End of Discussion

100 words about public art
(c) 2015, Sonya

‘You know what this is?’

‘Art, supposedly. The kind of rubbish the council likes to spend tax money on.’

‘Not what I meant. Do you know what it used to be?’

‘It should have been scrap metal.’

‘Yes, let’s not have this discussion again.’

‘I will have this discussion until they stop. Disgrace, throwing my hard-earned money at underachievers who think putting rubbish on stilts is art.’

‘It used to be a navigation buoy. It once marked the channel into port. The artist who turned it into public art  to remind us of our naval history is my boyfriend, dad.’


Oh look, the picture prompt for FFfAW no. 46 is one of mine again. I love the colour of the sky in this one.

29 thoughts on “End of Discussion

  1. Ha that is cute. Dad goes off on how he hates the modern art they turned the green thing into and his daughter says that’s her boyfriends Dad. Oops. Nice job!

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  2. Wonderful story! Art can always bring in some really interesting heated discussions and I like the reference to the naval history. At least it stands for something! ……hence, money not wasted. 🙂

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