Heart of Glass

100 words about a childhood memory
photo by Antranias 

I must have been four. My uncle must have been in love with Debbie Harry. I don’t remember but we must have listened to all of Parallel Lines in his Beetle. On the way to or from our hotel, Heart of Glass always seemed to be playing when we traversed the level crossing; little me had convinced herself that going over the crossing while listening to the song meant we’d get hit by a train. I wailed every we went over the train tracks. I drove everyone bonkers.

Isn’t it funny that it’s one of my all-time favourite songs now?

10 thoughts on “Heart of Glass

  1. It’s a catchy tune, and somehow I think it’d be a good song to listen to on the road. I get a kick out of reading that you thought you’d get hit by a train listening to it 🙂 Great story, Sonya, I enjoyed it 🙂

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  2. I remember listening to this and being amazed Debby Harry was allowed to sing ‘pain in the ass’ on the radio – to rhyme with Heart of Glass. Funny what links the young mind makes, apropos of nothing. Why did I think that a monster lived down the loo and would jump out and eat me if I flushed – but only in the dark? Who knows. 🙂

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    1. You know, that’s surprised me, too. Later on, I don’t think I even notice it when I was four :D. It is peculiar what scares children sometimes… I had no trouble with level crossings when the song wasn’t playing.

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      1. It’s the whole cracks in the pavement thing – why do kids avoid stepping on them? What do we all think is going to happen to us? All completely illogical, but such ingrained, shared experience too. This story is the kind of thing most of us can identify with, even if the things we were scared of differed. A great way to finish the year 🙂

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