2015 Top 10 Stories

I’m working on my next mslexia guest post, and I’ve been looking at my stats a lot. The thought struck me that you might want to know what your most popular stories of the year were. So here you are, the ten favourite stories of you lot based on page views, comments and likes:

2015 top ten stories on Only 100 Words
photo by Kelley Bozarth 
  1. The Theatre of Love
  2. The (short-lived) Hiking in the Woods Project
  3. Salvage
  4. A Walk in the Park
  5. At least she has a job to complain about
  6. Fooled
  7. Silly Poem About a Bike
  8. Mabel’s Return
  9. Christmas Shopping for Strangers
  10. All About Patience

If you don’t agree with the list, don’t have a go at me – I just crunched the numbers, after all. But tell me what you’d have liked to have seen in the Top Ten instead in the comments.

Happy New Year everyone!


5 thoughts on “2015 Top 10 Stories

  1. A difficult choice, when there were so many that were good. I love your dystopia and some of your other recurring themes. And your serials were a grand thing to get caught up in. Do love Mabel’s Return, though – yet again, more possibilities for a longer piece.

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    1. There will be another serial in 2016 – just have to find the time to draft it, so it’ll probably have to wait until I’ve written all my mslexia posts. They are a lot more work than I thought they’d be…

      Thanks, Lynn – as always 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Nortina! I’d have thought Lucy Lightning would have made it into the Top 10, she seemed to be really popular at the time. I’ll do my personal Top 10 for my one-year anniversary post – she’ll be on that list 🙂

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