Shiny Like a Pound Coin

100 words about post-collapse food
photo by PublicDomainPictures 

Shiny like a new pound coin, innit? I’m not gonna eat that, looks like it’ll break me teeth.’

‘I don’t know what a pound coin is. Does it taste nice?’

‘Course you don’t, too young, innit. Lucky, not knowing about money. Got us into this mess and all.’

‘Oh, money. I’ve heard the old guys talk about it.’

‘Charming. True, though.’

‘Will you eat it or not? It’s softer than it seem. It tastes a bit funny, but not in a yucky way and it’ll keep you going for days.’

‘Not much like money, then. Alright, kiddo, let’s try it.’

3 thoughts on “Shiny Like a Pound Coin

  1. Haha. The little guy must be very small not to know about money and it’s importance. I don’t think it’s very healthy to eat. Might hurt . . . Great job. I liked how your characters spoke? Their jargon.


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