All in the Presentation

100 words about a quack selling snake oil
photo prompt for FFfAW 47 by tomtomalone 

Beige walls, an assortment of bottles and pills in jars, posters on the wall that show joints and organs. And a skeleton – the treatment room looks the business.

This morning, he’s had a matte metal sign put up downstairs. Understated and elegant, it will speak to those with money to burn. It matches the look and feel of his website, as well.

All that’s left is to stock the shelves with the little brown vials that contain his miracle cures for ailments from the common cold to cancer.

People will believe anything if it’s presented it with confidence, don’t they?

33 thoughts on “All in the Presentation

      1. I like to think we’re training our son to be cynical of advertising – not too cynical of the world, I hope, just advertisers. We encourage him to ask questions of adverts, look beneath the surface


  1. Wonderful story Sonya! I love the last line, “People will believe anything if it is presented with confidence, don’t they?” Hahaha! That is so true!!

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  2. Yes. Yes they will. Take a look at all the junk science floating around the internet and you’ll see multitudes eating it up like it’s candy. P.T. Barnum understood so very well. Well written and clever story, Sonya.


  3. Great take on the prompt. The picture does have that medical office feel to it. Sneaky guy, but in a way he is right.when you are looking for a cure you hold onto what’s presented to you.
    Great writing!


  4. Yes, it is amazing how well some people know just how to market a product. They can lead you blindly when you think your eyes are wide open! Great story on this! 🙂


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