100 words about trying to live up to expectations
(c) 2015, Sonya

Once you’ve raised expectations, you will disappoint people. You’ll disappoint yourself; you’ll always look back on that time you raised the bar and cleared it by yards and you’ll wonder why you can’t clear it again. Until the day when you do, when you accomplish a bigger leap than last time. Yes, you’re back.

Only, the following day it gets harder than ever. You marvel at the evidence of your own brilliance, not quite able to believe you raised the bar higher yet.

Up and down. Higher highs followed by lower lows.

Some days, you wish you’d become an accountant.

17 thoughts on “Yo-Yo

  1. Love the last line! So true of anything you try to create, too. Some days it all goes right, others it’s a crashing disappointment. The only thing that keeps you going is the knowledge you have done it before. So, just maybe, you could do it again.

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    1. Well, it’s basically me talking about my writing here. Not so much the 100-word stories, but everything else feels almost impossible at the moment. It’s the January thing, I hope… Thanks, Lynn 🙂

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      1. Well, you have recently completed NaNoWriMo, which is a lot of writing in a short time. Then straight into Christmas – maybe you need some time to recoup your energies.
        I’ve just begun – very tentatively – to write the sequel to my YA novel. And it’s been slow going, staring at the screen thinking ‘how the hell did I write the first one again?’ Scared I can’t do it. I have a little more knowledge now about how a novel should ‘look’ if you know what I mean – structurally etc – which I didn’t have when I wrote the first because I just plunged in. I feels harder, though that’s easing the more I write.
        It’s an up and down process, this writing lark. You may feel in a bit of a down – but the ups will return. All the best 🙂

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        1. I thinks it’s a case of putting too much pressure on myself. I’ve done my 2015 review and it has been rather successful in terms of getting my writing into online and print publications. Now I’m thinking I need to top that. At the moment, I’m not up to the pressure. I’ve a list of deadlines coming up with competitions and other opportunities I want to submit to, and I have next to nothing to send out… I just need to relax.
          It is a funny old thing, this writing malarky. Sometimes it feels the more I’ve done it and the more I know the more convinced I am I can’t actually do it…

          Good luck with the new novel 🙂

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          1. Oh, I’m brilliant for having a go at myself for not being productive enough – however productive that I should be. I’m always disappointed that I don’t produce enough ‘copy’, that my blog posts take so long to write. I feel as if I could’ve written this sequel already, if I could only pull my finger out and do it.
            But it sounds like you produce a lot of finished work – maybe, as you say, you just expect too much.
            Don’t want to put more pressure on you, but have you seen that Gollancz has an open sub for unagented authors? I might throw my hat in the ring – despite my MS being short of their requested word count.


  2. I love this! I’ve recently been noticing that I go through these yo-yo patterns– where one day I’m productive and do everything well and other days I’m lucky if I get one thing checked off my list, never mind do it well.

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  3. I agree the yo-yo comparison is brilliant. It’s the perfect piece to express the last few days of my life–highs that are stratospheric and lows that are catastrophic and then back up and down. hoping tomorrow is more even. Life is really too eventful of late!

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