Back to Bug Him

100 words about a hornet drone
photo by Josch13 

‘Bat it away, then.’

He doesn’t bother looking. She’s become too squeamish, coming to her rescue every time a bug scares her won’t help.

‘What if it stings?’

‘Them buggers haven’t hatched, I wouldn’t think. It’s January.’

‘Ain’t no bluebottle, though. It terrifies me.’

She stifles a scream. Exasperated, he goes into the other room. She’s cowering in the corner, shielding herself with a book. He freezes before he sees it hovering above her. It’s the sound out of his nightmares – the sound of a hornet drone. He curses the day he had the idea.

‘They found me. Oh, hell.’


Found myself missing Micro Bookends today and had Bat out of Hell stuck in my had all day. Hey presto, DIY Micro Bookends.

8 thoughts on “Back to Bug Him

    1. Yes, terrible shame. Then again, I didn’t want to have to organise it week in, week out. As I’ve discovered, it’s easy to come up with my own MB prompt 🙂
      Thanks, Lynn!

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      1. It was a great challenge – one of the tougher ones, I thought, though that’s no criticism. Made you work your writing muscles hard.
        Nice to have the odd challenge – have thought of setting one myself and sending out a copy of my writing group’s charity anthology as a prize for the winner. Not sure I’ve got enough folowers to make it worthwhile though. Maybe in the future.

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        1. Oh, but that might be a good way to increase your followers. Make it part of the terms and conditions that the winner needs to follow you your blog (or on Twitter if they’re not on WP?), and encourage people to share on their blogs and on social media. I’ll help you judge if you want 🙂

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