Street Fighter

It seems I’ve accidentally started a new serial without having it planned out – it might get interesting.

Street Fighter

100 words about learning to fight
photo by skeeze

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, love. Even the smallest bloke who trains here is twice your size.’


‘Look, I’m trying to let you off the hook. Girl like you has no business here.’

‘Don’t I? Don’t pay attention to the suit and the heels – I’m tougher than I look. You should see my scars.’

‘Only woman I’ve allowed in made me seem small. You won’t last a minute.’

‘Again, don’t let the business casual fool you.’

‘Why? How about you join boxercise at the gym around the corner?’

‘I don’t need fitness. I need real survival skills.’

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24 thoughts on “Street Fighter

  1. Her ability should not be underestimated. People tend to assume someone’s level of ability just because it is compared to the norm…without a chance to prove otherwise. Even if she is not a top performer, her skill will more than likely improve to a higher level than what it is now. Great story. 😃

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  2. Reminds me of another character in a series of books I have read. She took a kind of self- protection martial arts based training and went whenever she could at night. She’s a little firecracker. Sounds much like your character. Strong and not afraid. Great story.

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      1. Haha maybe. I don’t recall. I looked it up on my iBook library and Kobo and can’t find it. But I distinctly recall it. I don’t think it was the main part of the story just apart of what the character did in life.

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  3. I like it. I was a bit thrown by the, “… made me seem small,” line. As in made his gym seem small time?

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      1. Yeah sorry it’s been so long – life dragged me away for a while so I have a lot of catching up to do! Expect a few likes soon on posts you wrote months ago and have forgotten about 😛

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