What news to wake up to

David Bowie mural in Brixton
CC BY-NC 2.0 photo by Duncan C (mural by Jimmy. C

It’s just gone 7am and you are thinking about waking up. You are questioning the music selection on the BBC 6Music Breakfast Show – how are you supposed to wake up to this subdued stuff? It’s 7:11, it’s January, you don’t need gloom.

You’ve got plenty of gloom yourself.

And then Shaun Keaveny says the words which do two things: justify the musical mood and wake you up with a jolt. You heard that wrong. It can’t be true.

You let it sink in.

And you wonder: Will he sing Under Pressure with Freddie again?

You’d like to think so.


Let’s all thank our lucky stars that we were – for a while at least – alive at the same time as David Bowie.

9 thoughts on “What news to wake up to

  1. I heard it at the same time as you, Sonya – but through a very shocked-sounding Sarah Cox on Radio 2. Not sure why it’s hit me so hard, but it has. He left us some amazing music behind.

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    1. The word unique is thrown around quite a bit these days, but in Bowie’s case, it’s true. The only other artist of similar status who follows her artistic vision I can think of is Kate Bush… Anyway, I think that’s part of why his death hit so hard. And because it came completely out of the blue – it seems incredible that it was only Friday when everybody went ‘hooray, new Bowie album’.

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      1. Yes, she’s another artist who completely went their own way. I love several of her songs, but not as many as Bowie’s. Haven’t heard Black Star, but it’s had great reviews, I hear. How fantastic to create a great piece of work right at the end of your life. I hope he got to hear some of the praise for it before he died.


  2. Wow, I have been reading a few posts from different people on David Bowie and I suspected he had passed on. Better go read about it. Nice tribute Sonya. I still remember him as the Goblin King in some muppets movie, it was so creepy.

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