Final Ascent

100 words about dying on a mountain
FFfPP week 3 photo prompt from Public Domain Archive 

I brought Dad’s photograph with me.

The climb is more difficult than I remember. My nine-year old legs didn’t tire as easily as my skinny, 38-year old legs do. I wish I could blame loss of youthful energy.

‘If this was the last thing you saw, wouldn’t you die a happy bunny?’

When the food shortage got worse, I suggested we come back. There’s neither snow nor fog anymore, only relentless heat. View’s still worth it, though.

But Dad didn’t make it, he was too malnourished. He died two days ago, holding the photograph in his hand.

So will I.

30 thoughts on “Final Ascent

  1. Oh sad. The dad was too malnourished. I hope his son survives. What a horrible experience to live. Great writing Sonya.

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  2. How sad there is a food shortage and her/his dad died from it and now she/he will. I love the way you use a photograph in the story. It makes it even more intriguing. Wonderful story Sonya!

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  3. I got a totally different feel for the piece. The scene is not the mountain, but a Alzheimer care unit. The picture is to try jog the memory. The struggle for both is harder then the climb up the mountain, with only the release of death at the end.

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