Drunk Late Night Texting

100 words about last words
photo by Steve Buissinne 

I know texting you is a violation of the injunction, but I am almost literally on fire. I’m sitting in the bathtub, breathing through a wet washcloth. I called 999; I don’t think they’ll make it in time.

I never apologised. I wonder if I’d apologised, we’d be in this mess. I would still have hit you, though. I wish I hadn’t hit you. You should see me now – anger management has turned me into a new man. I wish you could have seen him.

So, I’m only texting to tell you that you’ve nothing to fear from me anymore.

22 thoughts on “Drunk Late Night Texting

  1. A change that has come too late! I wonder what her feelings are of his apology…would he have sent the text if he had not been about to die? She will never know, or if he had really turned his life around.Great story.

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