Local Attraction

100 words about a lonely ghost
(c) Barbara Beacham for MFtS 13 Oct 2014

The people waved at him from the bridge below.

He was a lurker, they weren’t supposed to see him. But it’d been so long since anyone had reacted to his presence, he couldn’t help but wave back. The children smiled and hollered at him.

From that day on, he lurked closer to at the edge of visibility. At first, most hikers didn’t notice. But soon word spread.

He has become an attraction in his own right and he never disappoints his audience. At the first sign of a hand raised in greeting, the waving ghost of the creek fades into view and responds. He’s the local tourist office’s dream.


It’s been a while since my first MFtS catch-up story, hasn’t it? It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but I’m writing with a massive headache today and that never leads to noteworthy prose.

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