Out of the Picture

100 words about a holiday breakup
(c) Louise Bunting 

I’ve been wandering the beach by myself for hours, the sky overhead mirroring my gloomy mood. Dunno what made me look up but I’m glad I did. I’d have missed how the sunset lights up the houses otherwise. Stroke of luck, I suppose.

I’ve been walking to clear my head. I think I did but I don’t like these new thoughts that have popped up.

Then again, Tim and I’ve been going on holiday together for a decade. Isn’t it telling that I finally take a photo worth writing home about with the two of us out of the picture?


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Oh, and before I forget again, my third Mslexia guest post has been up for a few days.

41 thoughts on “Out of the Picture

    1. I love that too — I can totally relate to the feeling, thinking back to past relationships – platonic or romantic — when the best images are those without you together. Another great story!

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        1. I always enjoy your musings! Thank you for sharing!! I’m not ready to commit to a daily 100-word story, but I’m working out the practice differently for now. Looking forward to what’s next!

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          1. I wouldn’t recommend a daily schedule, if I’m honest – it can get super stressful. Writing every day, yes, but not publishing every day. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking…

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          2. I know what you mean. Writing every day is one thing, publishing every day is quite another. I’ve found that I can’t articulate my thoughts on my own and need a spark from elsewhere, then the writing still feels forced an inauthentic, but I think it’s stressful thinking about how my writing is meandering. I like the ebb and flow of writing in the moment, and putting it aside when I’m not. However, the practice is really what I need. I need to get the writing out, in all its’ garbage and inarticulateness. Once I feel comfortable pushing through, I think I’ll more easily be able to come back and cut the crap. Until then, I’ll continue to ramble aimlessly in my ebbing 😉 For what it’s worth, I admire your dedication!

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    1. This was one of those where I knew what I wanted the last line to be. It’s easier to write something with the twist in mind. Thanks, as usual, Annie 🙂

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