All Star Mum

100 words about your first pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars
photo via Public Domain Images 

I remember the day I chucked my Chucks.

They had holes in the soles, the fabric’d worn so thin they should have fallen apart. Neither made me want to part with them.

It took Mum to come into my room and put her foot down.

‘Enough is enough,’ she said, ‘those shoes of yours are a disgrace.’

‘You don’t understand what they mean to me – they’re part of my identity.’

Mum smiled.

‘I understand better than you think. Let me show you something.’

In a box in the attic, her own Chucks, worn to pieces, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper.


What, it’s already week 4 of FFfPP? How time flies…

27 thoughts on “All Star Mum

  1. People really love those shoes. I used to have some in junior highschool I loved. But they are quite ‘in” again for awhile. Maybe they never go out of style. My brother is 26 and has gone through pair after pair since he was 19 yrs old. Good story. Very relatable

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  2. I loved the firmness… and then the understanding . I think that they are going to have a great relationship as the kid grows up! So glad you could participate this week. Hope to hear from you in Week #5.

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