Trading Futures

100 words about living for your children
photo from Public Domain Archive 

When they moved in, their possessions – in stark contrast to their plans for the future, which couldn’t be contained – fit in three bags.

She watches the movers load box after box into lorries. What a difference a few years make. She didn’t know they’d accumulated this much stuff until they had to pack up. Where did it all come from?

The house – situated in a prime catchment area – will hold their possessions and offer room for more. It’s huge; its mortgage’ll squeeze out what life there’s left in their plans.

She likes to pretend their future hasn’t been boxed yet.


Trust me to turn this bright, sunny photo prompt for FFfPP week 5 into a gloomy story, eh?

21 thoughts on “Trading Futures

  1. Good job on the prompt. It does seem people seem to gather stuff over time and not even realize how much they have. Hopefully, your character likes her new house, even if the mortgage leaves her feeling confined.

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  2. You really discover how much you have accumulated over the months, years, when you began the preparation of moving. A little bit here, a little bit there…we do not seem to notice…then, packing day, and reality sets in! She is satisfied that the accumulation of things will fit in the new house, but the mortgage is a little bit of a worry…as it may be for a lot of people, but I believe she will adjust and find that her future is not really boxed. A great story most can relate to sometime in their life. 🙂


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