Making Allies

100 words about meeting a potential ally; fearless serial
photo by David Mark 

The guy who’s been ogling her approaches.

‘You should get that looked at.’

Okay, not the line she expected.

‘Yeah, thanks. If I were worried, I’d talk to a doctor.’

She is worried, though. She came to the pool to get some exercise, but even swimming makes it hurt more.

‘You should be worried. And I am a doctor.’

‘It’s just a bruise.’

‘You’re awfully defensive about it.’

‘It’s not what you think.’

‘That’s what they all say. Let me take a look, at least. I’m Alex.’

Should he accept her conditions, knowing a doctor might come in handy.



I am not making this up: I had Gwen going to the pool before the Literary Lion provided the prompt. It’s part of the Saturday Serial, but I’d like to think it works as a standalone.

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