Making Allies

100 words about meeting a potential ally; fearless serial
photo by David Mark 

The guy who’s been ogling her approaches.

‘You should get that looked at.’

Okay, not the line she expected.

‘Yeah, thanks. If I were worried, I’d talk to a doctor.’

She is worried, though. She came to the pool to get some exercise, but even swimming makes it hurt more.

‘You should be worried. And I am a doctor.’

‘It’s just a bruise.’

‘You’re awfully defensive about it.’

‘It’s not what you think.’

‘That’s what they all say. Let me take a look, at least. I’m Alex.’

Should he accept her conditions, knowing a doctor might come in handy.



I am not making this up: I had Gwen going to the pool before the Literary Lion provided the prompt. It’s part of the Saturday Serial, but I’d like to think it works as a standalone.

Should you be interested, you’ll find all previous instalments on the Serials page.

17 thoughts on “Making Allies

  1. Oh! Sounds promising in so many directions! It can stand alone…and certainly room for a lot of expansion. I would want to know more about Him while finding out about her condition!


  2. I really like this serial. 🙂 Superhero stories always appeal to me and my favourites are always those who don’t actually have any superpowers – my currently favourite tv series is Arrow. 🙂 I hope Alex proves to be a good ally.

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    1. Thanks Louise, that’s great to hear! We watched the first two seasons of Arrow over the holidays and finished about a week ago – it was definitely an influence 😀

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  3. I like the quick u-turn there at the end. I was predicting a tale of abuse at home perhaps, but that line “Should he accept her conditions” changed it all and gave her such a sinister side. Lovely piece, thanks for including it in my challenge!

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