Hopeless Cases

100 words about a car mechanic with a big heart
photo prompt for FFfAW 51 by Albert (more stories here)

‘Think you can fix it?’

Suz laughs.

‘It’s got plants growing out of it, darlin’.’

His shoulders slump.

Suz looks at the guy. She kinda likes his face. But why does he need a car mechanic to tell him this is hopeless?

‘Why’s the rust-bucket so important to you?’

He disappears underneath and Suz doesn’t expect an answer.

‘My grandfather restored it when he was my age. He’s stuck in his past, reliving his young guy days. I tracked the car down because I thought if he saw it again, it might help.’

Suz sighs.

‘Alright. I’ll work some magic.’

40 thoughts on “Hopeless Cases

          1. Well, from a certain angle – there are all these stories that want to be written, but I really need to finish this novel first…


  1. A bit irrelevant to the story, but the line, “She kinda likes his face,” really cracked me up for some reason! 😀 Maybe working that magic will help her get a date? 😉

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    1. Argh, I can’t believe I overlooked a ‘Janey’ in there. I thought that was her name, but turns it she was Suz… Thanks for catching that, PJ!


  2. The flipping of typical gender roles–Suz as the mechanic–is great here. There’s something fun about the idea of magic, too–sort of like the ol’ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang story somehow. It sounds like it really will need magic!

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