I Can’t Get No Sleep

55 words about insomnia
photo by Nousnou Iwasaki

It’s 3:55am. The car park light sways in the gusting wind and makes shadows dance on the bedroom wall. Is the moon waxing or waning? Difficult to see without glasses.

I went for a run in the afternoon, for crying out loud. I should be sleeping like a baby.

I’m knackered.

I’m wide-awake.


33 thoughts on “I Can’t Get No Sleep

      1. True, true. Husband and I often thought someone should invent child chloroform – a safe way to put your kid under when all you really, really need IS A BLOODY BREAK! But then, think of all those people who would constantly put their kids under cos they wanted to go to the pub or to the supermarket. Dangerous, dangerous.

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        1. Yes, I’d give an arm for child chloroform at the moment. She’s being a right nightmare (and with me being tired, patience is running a bit short…). But, as you say, it’d be too dangerous. Ah well… 😀

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          1. I do think they feed off our moods as well, don’t you? My son seems to sleep badly when I do, even though he’s eleven and way down the hall. He picks up on mine and husband’s stress, I think. Hope you’ve been sleeping better – and missy is more chilled!


  1. It would be great to have a way to totally control your sleep pattern. I hope you get the sleep you need. Insomnia is hard to deal with. I have it a lot, but it happens in the early hours of the morning…so I have to stay up late at night to avoid waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning. I can only sleep about 5 hours. I haven’t found a solution to this yet because it is an every day thing for me.

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  2. Like Donna, I have not heard that word either and I really like it. Don’t hear it here in the southwest USA. If this is a true story, I feel your pain. It is terrible to have insomnia.

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    1. Ah, I love introducing new words to people. I quite like it, too 🙂

      Yes, the insomnia is a bit annoying but after writing about it, I slept a bit better last night. Fingers crossed it’ll continue. Thanks, PJ!


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