Obsession (Love Nudge)

(c) Ady

You enter your magic portal (aka the garage) and turn from Mum – limping defeated from the breakfast battlefield – into six-figure marketing director. Today is Tuesday, the day he may be in town, so you take a detour to the park. He’s there; your heart races.

‘We should find another bench; one that draws less attention to itself and those sitting on it.’

‘I like this bench.’

‘What if someone sees us?’

‘Let them see us. I don’t care.’

Says he whose life is safe elsewhere.

You know he’s obsessed.
You ought to call it off but
You feel so alive.


Okay, bit against the rules of FFfAW this week: I’ve combined it with Lynn’s second love nudge, so it is a continuation of yesterday’s haibun. The photo prompt just went too well with the idea I had in mind. I think this stands on its own, though – I hope nobody’ll mind.

41 thoughts on “Obsession (Love Nudge)

  1. It was only ever going to end badly from the outset – only question is how badly? Love these haibun’s – such an artform to combine the prose and the haiku. Lovely, Sonya

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    1. Thanks, Lynn. Something about your nudges just made my brain go, ‘it’s time we tried this’. Dunno yet how badly, tbh, I’m making it up as I go 😀

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  2. Liked this a lot. He has nothing to lose being in public. His family is elsewhere. But he makes the main character feel alive. How dangerous. But I see why she hangs on.

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  3. Nice combination, I went to read the “first part” and they complete each other so well. Funny how something that can be so bad can feel so good! I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for following her heart/guts 🙂

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  4. Somehow I get the feeling that things are not going to work out all that well for them! Great story and I love the haibun form. I’ve been thinking of trying it out myself. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Amy! I think it helps that the pieces are so short. I have certainly written my fair share of self-help sounding stories… But I do love second person.


        1. Oh, yes, it is. Flash is the ideal playground for all the stuff I’d never try in longer prose. Hope I’ll read one of your second person stories soon 🙂

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