Jealousy (Love Nudge)

100 words about an affair going sour because the other guy is jealous of the husband
photo by Elly Filho

‘How was date night with the hubby?’

You flinch. You didn’t tell him about dinner and a movie that isn’t an animation and drinks in a trendy bar. Did you? Is he trying to rattle you again? Or has he taken up stalking you online?

‘It was a lovely evening, thank you,’ you say, hiding your anger. His face is contorted into a grimace that masks all of his attractive features. You don’t like where the thought is leading.

He doesn’t take it well when you leave early.

From welcome change to
Yet another person to please,
Ugly and green-eyed.


Written for Day Three of Lynn’s Love Nudge competition.

23 thoughts on “Jealousy (Love Nudge)

        1. You’re welcome 🙂 the second person thing works for chuck palahniuk. There are other writers who do whole novels in the second person. So I wouldn’t discount it. You write that pov well.

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          1. No, I don’t discount it. I do love it – writing and reading it. But I’ve had quite a few people tell me that you just don’t write in second person. I’ve been meaning to read Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney for ages – it’s second person, as well.

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          2. Yes, that’s true. I have an idea for a longer story told in second person, maybe I’ll tackle it once I’ve finished the Scarlett edits (which, at this rate, is going to take another year :/ )

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  1. This situation is turning sinister – she’s got to finish it, surely? Love this – again, Sonya. It works so well – and that sense that she’s losing control of a situation she’s created, that she’s soon going to be out of her depth … Can’t wait to see where this goes. Really very good. X

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          1. Just put my 3LineTale up – though noticed my 3 sentences were four times longer than anyone elses, complete with dashes as cheats! Great fun, even if I have bent the rules a little – apologies 🙂

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          2. No problem. I think I’ll write a page with proper rules this weekend where I’ll make it clear that whatever the writer defines as a line shall be fine by me. I don’t want people to think they have to write lots of words, but if they want to, that’s fine 🙂

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